FAKE serruriers locksmith $0.99, 14.99, $15, $19.99, $20.00, $25.00 $29.99, $39.99


The invoice we received from Montreal locksmith client was for simple standard lock opening which the 30 years experience couldn’t open, Wave started in 2013. Mr. Miki mouse or your could call him by his real name _ _ _ _ _ _ to the client it was high security 6 pins client got confuse believed him he drilled lock and he installed weiser importation deadbolt and also told client it was high security.  she called us for lock-out a week after the scammer was there we have opened the lock in a matter of 5 sec, She didn’t know why the other claim to her it was high security. Serrurier shay Montreal locksmith charged her $95.00+ Taxes it was at 6pm.

Here is an example of locksmith who install decals without permission from landlords all over Montréal and surroundings. Even at our client doors. 

There are many company scammers who have locksmith license from Quebec BSP many of them only Carry AGENCY license, They cant hire someone without permit Called AGENT. 2 of them have both. Bureau de la securite privee doesn’t have control over pricing issue but customers could complaint about a company who they got scammed from.

All the scammers locksmith they 95% out of country under tourist visa they are not suppose to even carry a pick which in Quebec you go to jail. they come with unmarked cars, Not wearing any uniforms, sort of handymans. They do not care to learn how to pick because it wont bring their maximum budget for lockouts. they have to pay %70 to the phone company and %30 the tourist keep. they must drill lock they will bullshit clients about high security, it will involve 6 pins  locks. the Service call was only small taste of what the client will pay at the end. they will come to the location they will not check client id because they don’t care, you pay they open. at the end of the job the bill will be presented small fee for service, higher price for job to open the lock , higher price for new lock, and final price higher labor for the new lock installation which is separated.

overall they are there for client who want or looking to pay cheap. in the end they pay 3-4 times more then a normal, honest locksmiths around town. they are ruin the locksmith business by scamming innocent clients. but by that way the clients learn the hard way.

Example: if an existing locksmith company who provide a quote over the phone for lock-out around 7pm at night price is around $100.00-$150.00 client usually refuse since he see ridiculous prices starting at $0.99, Who they will chose? but the $0.99 is final bill will be 3-4 times bigger then real locksmith who say the real price over the phone.

Beware $0.99, 14.99, $15, $19.99, $20.00, $25.00 $29.99, $39.99 Locksmith Scams
In this day and age everyone is looking to save a buck or two, unfortunately there is a nationwide group of locksmith posers that take advantage of this by offering super low price quotes over the phone to get their foot in the door to rip you off.

You might know this scam as another name called the ” Bait & Switch “.

They bait you with a low price to come out to your location, usually around $15 to $39.99 dollars, and prices that start at $0.99 and up for what ever type of work you need done.

The “and up” part of the over the phone quote translates into hundreds of dollars when they arrive. (The switch).

Long story short, Get up front pricing before agreeing to have someone come out.

There is no mystery about the work you need done, legitimate licensed locksmiths know what a job is going to cost when it comes to unlocking a residential,commercial or automotive door or making a lost car key replacement.

$0.99, 14.99, $15, $19.99, $20.00, $25.00 $29.99, $39.99 Montreal Locksmith Price Scam

Check License at https://www.bureausecuriteprivee.qc.ca/en/registry/

beware There will be AGENCIES AND AGENTS if on the system agency is approved it doesn’t mean they can perform any work, they still need AGENT LICENSE which most of them don’t carry.

IF YOU BEEN SCAMMED PLEASE SEND US A COPY OF YOUR BILL SO WE COULD POST ONLINE TO ADVISE CUSTOMERS. Contact us by email Send us invoices for Montreal or all over north America.

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