SERRURIER BOITE-AUX-LETTRES Rousseau Metal mailbox lock

Metal Rousseau Mailbox Lock & Mailbox lock STYLES

serrure boite aux lettres metal rousseau mailbox lock russeaumetal rousseau



Metal Rousseau been fabricating metal products with highest quality since 65 years ago, Canadapost was the biggest buyer for their mailbox locks Across canada. its still available in many older building in Quebec the demand for the lock is still going, call us for your mailbox lock replacement 514-836-9097.

  • Vous avez perdu ou brisé vos clés de boîte postale?
  • You’ve lost or Broke your mailbox keys?

4 Kinds of mailbox locks which are follow.

  1. Wind lock from CANADAPOST community mailbox which are placed on street. We are not allowed to replaced or touch those locks, CALL canada post. If you have lost or broken community mailbox keys or if you have just moved, you can request new keys online. Exclusively to Canada post.
  2. Flat key mailbox lock which is usually in gold its been in the market since 1970’s
  3. Standard mailbox lock Dorex which is the most common lock on all newer buildings since 1995
  4. Metal Rousseau is an older from 1980 it’s still in service in older buildings from 1980’s it uses regular long keys 5 pins.

montreal canadapost community mailboxes

WIND MAILBOX LOCK from Canada Post Montreal Community mailboxes next to you.

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